Deaf Ski Europacup

for clubs

Last update: 25th March 2023

Program 2024

1st EC

Date? 2024 in SVK

Kubinska Hola (?)


 18th - 28th Febraury 2024 (not official)

in Ankara and Kastamonu - Ilgaz (Turkey)

2nd EC

Date? 2024 in AUT



25th March 2023

Results St. Lambrecht (AUT) and Overall Standing

=> Race Results

18th March 2023

Philipp Steiner (SUI) is now provisionally chief coordinator until the decision in September 2023. There are some points to be clarified with the clubs of Europe.

08th January 2023 - (look download)

Material determination - unfortunately only in German

3rd February 2022

I observed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen that a runner used a very ski-plate-binding-height. According to the FIS rule, it should be max. 50mm. It is also controlled on site.
I ask you to stick exactly to the FIS rule (sorry in german), then it would be very fair for everyone. Thank you!