Race Registration


Weinebene (AUT)  28.02 - 01.03.2020

INFO: It should be stopped according to FIS rule (see EC rule point 2). Length and radius please indicate which skis you will use on site. If you choose short ski and low radius, you will be ranked according to length and radius after the race.

For group J: SuperG (women/men R30/L183) Tolerance 1cm, Giant Slalom (women/men R17/L188) no Tolerance
For group S + M : SuperG (women R40/L205 and men R45/L210) and Giant Slalom (women R30/L188 and men R30/L193) - for all Tolerance 5cm
For group G: free ski (please write in, thanks)
For hobby: free ski (please write in, thanks)